Poetry is all b…


Poetry is all blood and pauses. I look forward to closing the door on fiction for a time, and dedicating myself to poetry. In fiction, you have to withhold some of your blood or the work would be unreadable. In fiction, you need to know how to use that fine brush, perhaps the finest brush. That Japanese brush that costs thirty dollars and has only five camel hairs. You need to establish commonality. But poetry comes out like arterial spray and needs to hit like an arrow shot through your spine as to cripple you. At least that is the way I like my poetry.

I have forgotten…


I have forgotten what it feels like to not know what that great passionate thing that you want to do with your living is. Writing works itself out of me in a compassion building journey of falling in despair, and rising to such great emotional heights as to erase all memory of what life was like before knowing what it is to know.

Could we stop the nonsense?

ebook dubliners by stephanie roberts writerI think the byline on this NPR piece, linked to below, is not very informative. It is not a matter that the Story’s Not That Simple. It is that the story is not the story. What this four plus minute essay is really about is how digital books can expand the readers interaction with an author’s work.

Constantly framing the mere presence of eBooks as the destruction of traditional publishing is more sensationalist than it is pertinent. Digital books, and self-publishing, (which is my bailiwick) for that matter, give more people more opportunity, for the writer, the reader, and the savvy traditional publisher.

E-books Destroying Traditional Publishing? The Story’s Not That Simple.

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