“Roberts writes with wit and attitude …” a laudatory review from NewPages

IMG_20190430_stephanie roberts authorWriting is an opportunity for the pleasure of making, and being published and paid is chocolate in the Mole. What kind of electric is it when above all that goodness someone illuminates the work and publishes praise for it?

I don’t write to hear nice things about my work but it is sparkle and melody when such words are bestowed, especially from one’s peers.

sunset on rain forest

Photo by Johannes Plenio on Pexels.com

My deep thanks and gratitude to Katy Haas and NewPages for their supportive words for my work “Lady Fine Is for Sugar,” from an unpublished manuscript, featured in the March 2020 issue of POETRY Magazine, and the anthology The BreakBeat Poets Volume 4: LatiNEXT, Haymarket Books.

most anticipated: poetry preview spring 2020


graphic: McGill-Queen’s University Press

49th Shelf lists rushes from the river disappointment (May 2020) as one of their most anticipated poetry collections of 2020.

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